How to make a snare trap for squirrels

December 12, 2021 // 8 minutes read

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How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com

How to make a snare trap for squirrels

How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com
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Share this article: Bugoutbill.com is independent – we research, test, and rate the top products to help you make the right buying choice. We sometimes use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on your purchase. Learn more…


Whether it’s for pest control or a survival situation…

One of these days, you’re going to need to trap a squirrel. In that case, you should add making a snare trap to your skillset.

Good thing…

We’re here to help! Today, we’ll talk about:

    • The necessary preparations before making a squirrel snare;
    • How to choose the best spots to place it;
    • The step-by-step process of making it;
    • Some tips and tricks to make the best squirrel pole; and
  • Lots more!

Have you ever wondered where squirrels live? We’ll tell you all about that too! So now… 

Let’s get in the game!

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

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You know what they say…

Failing to plan is planning to fail. So this part is as crucial as building the trap itself.

Check The Local Laws

First of all…

Check your local laws about setting up traps and snares. You don’t want to hold up squirrels only to find yourself in a holding cell, right?

Some places prohibit snares because of the risk to wildlife and people.

Most probably…

There’s a specific distance from the nearest structure where you can set them up. 

And there might be a trap number requirement. It should be issued by your local wildlife department and stamped onto all your traps and snares.

There are other specific rules too.

For example, you should immediately kill or release non-game animals. You should also visit your traps daily.

There’s probably a lot more. So it’s best to be in the know.

And take note:

Every state or area has unique laws. And it’s stricter in the suburbs than in rural places.

You can get information online, of course. But if you’re not that confident, you can always go to the department of environment, animal control, or humane society.

How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com
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Find An Area With Squirrel Activity

The best place for trapping squirrels is where they usually hang out and about. You can’t just go around setting snares and expect to catch something.

So, to know where those squirrels might be…

Here are some clues:

  • Trees are the best place to start;
  • Scattered pine cones;
  • Scattered nutshells;
  • They sometimes live in burrows; or
  • Squirrel nest.

If you don’t know what a squirrel nest looks like…

You’ll usually find them in tree cavities or on tree branches. It depends on the climate or season.

If weather fluctuations are common in the area, the squirrels might opt for a cavity home. But in tropical places, they’d be about 60 feet from the ground, perched on branches.

And the nest itself is made up of dry twigs, bark, grass, feathers, and fur. It’s a whole new level of architecture!

Look For A Place To Setup Your Snare

Aside from the factors that we just talked about, others still need to be considered…


The spot that you think the squirrel would probably walk through. It’s somewhere that would require the least effort for the animal.

And it should be close to a small tree and some branches. These will help you keep your trap in place.

Get Noose Material

The most important snare part is the noose. And the best noose is made of a gauge wire.


You’d want a .24 gauge wire. But you may go as low as .22. And all you need is 1-2 feet!

There are other materials that you can use. Only make sure it’s thin but strong and flexible.

Where can you get this?

The nearest hardware store, for sure, has it. But if you’re in a survival situation, you have to be more creative.

Electronics and power cords might have stripped wire in them. You can also find springs in notebooks and other stuff. There’s picture hanger or craft wire options.

If there’s no wire at all…

Strings or cords might be strong enough. Paracords are made for heavy-duty stuff – and every survivalist has them.

Anyway, you can always braid plant and bark fibers if you’re in a tight spot.

How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com
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For this article…

We’ll focus on making a squirrel noose. 

Aside from being the simpler choice, it’s supposed to be a portable and reusable trap. Compared to a trigger spring snare, that is.


Let’s get to the fun part!

Create A Squirrel Noose

Take one end of the wire and loop it around a pencil twice (or any stick of the same thickness). Then, use needle-nose pliers to twist or knot the wire end.

When you pull the pencil out, you’ll have a nice, small loop.

And then…

Pull the other end of the wire through the small loop. Make sure the wire passes around your fist.

Once the circumference of your fist is covered, you can stop pulling. Now you have a bigger loop – about two inches in diameter.

Before moving on…

Grab more .24 gauge wires. Then, repeat what you just did as much as you can.

Squirrels are agile creatures. If you want to catch even just one, you’re going to need multiple snares.

Find A Pole

Look around you. 

If you find a wooden pole that looks just like a live tree, go and get that.

A squirrel pole would work better if the bark is still there. That way, the squirrel wouldn’t suspect anything.

As much as possible, your pole should be 4-6 feet long and as thick as your arm.


A fork at the end of the pole would be helpful too. It can pin the pole to the ground or keep it in place as it leans onto the tree trunk.

Attach The Noose And Pole

Now, we’re ready to make the squirrel pole.

The loose end of the wire should go around the wooden pole. You must fit it snugly and secure it with a knot or several twists.

The loops should be at the side or the top of the pole.

And don’t forget!

Wrap multiple snares around the wooden pole for more chances of winning!

How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com
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Place The Squirrel Pole Against A Tree

The only thing left to do is…

To go near your chosen area – the squirrel headquarters – and find a tree.

Push one end of the squirrel pole through the ground and let it lean toward a tree. This is where the fork gets useful.

If your squirrel pole has branches, gently move them to form barriers. Arrange it in such a way that it would force the squirrels to go through the snares.

To add a little flavor…

Just in case you have spare food, you can tease the squirrels out with bait.

They’re crazy for nuts, so that’s the best thing to use. You can put some peanut shells, peanut butter, ground nuts, etc.

And you’re done!

Now, we wait…

Conclusion - How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels

How To Make a Snare Trap For Squirrels - Bugoutbill.com
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See how easy that was? 

No rocket science at all!

Whether you’re out for food, fur, or just fun – this squirrel snare will surely get one for you. That’s another skill to add to your resume.

Now, so long, buddy!

We have some wild game to catch…

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