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Automatic door chicken coop

Guiding chickens in and out of the coop has never been this easy—you just need the perfect automatic chicken coop door! Do you have chickens at home?  Perhaps you engage in some light poultry farming? Are you worried wild animals will attack your chickens during the night? If your answer

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Chicken poultry litter

This high-quality bedding guarantees comfort for your chickens, unbroken eggs, and no fowl smell (pun intended) in your coop! When it comes to building a healthy environment for your chickens, getting good bedding for your coop isn’t something you can overlook. Bedding seems like a simple thing, but a good

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Chicken coop for 6

Provide your happy chickens a warm and safe place they can call home Building a coop or buying one? It’s usually cheaper to build a coop than to buy one. But, here’s the thing… Building a coop requires skills, tools, and time. If you’re too lazy to construct, then buying

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Soil Test Kit For Vegetable Garden

Say goodbye to wilting plants and a big hello to healthier soil and crops: These test kits will help you figure out your soil’s needs! Every gardener knows what’s needed for a lush, thriving garden: Water, sunlight, oxygen, and certain nutrients, which you can provide through fertilizers. But are those

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Chicken Coop

Check in your chickens now with these amazing and ‘chic’ chicken coops – great for beginners and chicken enthusiasts, as well as veteran chicken keepers How many chickens do you raise right now? Do you still enjoy raising them? I hope they give you hours of entertainment as well as

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Heater For Chicken Coop

No more fire risk, no more frostbite— these heaters will keep your chickens warm and toasty in the safest possible way! To use a chicken coop heater or not?  Every chicken keeper will have a different opinion on using a chicken coop heater— some will say it’s necessary for raising

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Soil For Indoor Plants

Maybe you’ve been planting indoors for some time, but none of your efforts seem to work. Let me tell you something – it’s not you… It’s the soil! And among so many potting soil options, we…

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Survival Garden Layout

Sure, we love some good post-apocalypse movies. But what if everything collapses tomorrow… including the grocery shelves? If you’ve been thinking about starting your own survival garden but….

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