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Bug Out Bill is here to give information about how to survive and strive with this craziness world that we live in! You don't want to wait until something that happen but have the knowledge now before it's to late.

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Best Throwing Knives - Bugoutbill.com

Best Throwing Knives 2023

These stainless steel knives will level up your knife-throwing talents.
Searching for the next throwing knife to add to your collection? 
Or perhaps you’re looking for one that will amp up your..

Best Self Defense Knife - Bugoutbill.com

Best Self Defense Knife 2023

I’m sure most of us have this memory of being you, going out of the house in the wee hours of the night and carrying a butter knife in the pocket for protection….or maybe just a sense of security.

Best Handheld Spotlight - Bugoutbill.com

Best Handheld Spotlight 2023

The sun is the best light source in our universe, but what will you do when it goes down, and darkness spreads on your campground or fishing lake?

Whether you’re working at home in the dark…

Best Throwing Axe - Bugoutbill.com

Best Throwing Axe 2023

Whether you’re a camper, a lumberjack’s apprentice, or a competitive axe thrower – you’re going to need a good throwing axe.

The question is…

What makes an axe tool ‘good’?

To measure that…..

Best Ice Auger - Bugoutbill.com

Best Ice Auger 2023

This is the Ultimate BugOutBill.com review of the best Ice Augers on the market for 2021.

While learning to ice fish is an acquired taste that not every angler is necessarily going to love the….


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Archery Target - Bugoutbill.com

Best Archery Targets – 2023

Power-up your bow and hit the bullseye with these Archery Targets! Or are you just looking for the most ideal archery targets for you? Are you just looking for a fun activity to do while camping? Have you ever tried target archery, then? Since there are so many different archery

gasmask - bugoutbill.com

Best Gas Mask 2023

The world is a dangerous place, but you can still walk around fearlessly with these gas masks to protect you from any and all threats from the air. Best Gas Mask: In case you forgot, there’s something way more important than storing clean water and food for survival situations.  And

Vacuum Seal - Bugoutbill.com

Best Vacuum Sealer 2023

No more worrying – Just vacuum, seal, and store with confidence using this kitchen game changer. Are you under pressure trying to find the ideal vacuum sealer that will suit your needs? A great way to reduce food waste at home is to find ways to increase the shelf life.


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Bug Out Bill is an adventurer and survivor through and through. From the time he was just a little boy (Bug Out Willie) running and jumping through the backwoods of the rocky mountains in Colorado, to the man he is today. Backpacking through South America, scaling two 26,000+ ft peaks, sailing across the Mediterranean, surviving a near death 50 foot fall with very little food while waiting 6 days to be rescued in the wilderness, and everything in between. No wonder he wants to Bug Out, hahaha. BO Bill is truly a passionate outdoorsman when it comes to living life to the fullest with no boundaries. The way we were meant to live and survive. He shares that passion here with you in his writing and sharing. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Bug Out Bill website. . Now Bug Out! PS - Check out our MRE

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