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September 21, 2021 // 19 minute read

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Best No Touch Tools - Bugoutbill.com
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Share this article: Bugoutbill.com is independent – we research, test, and rate the top products to help you make the right buying choice. We sometimes use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on your purchase. Learn more…

Best No Touch Tool

A game-changer partner that will make you untouchable from viruses and bacteria. Headlines have been like: “Maintain your social distance.” “Global pandemic happening now!”… Are you still afraid of touching outdoor infected areas? Are you tired of never-ending handwashing daily? If you are – you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. So, we’ve got you covered – the all-in-one multipurpose tool coming right at you. Here’s a definitive review of the one solution that’s been on the table for quite some time – we’ll be looking at:
    • The ten best hands-free tools reviewed by BugoutBill.com;
    • Some of the pros and cons of the different manufacturers;
    • And lots more…


Research shows that solid brass with high copper content has been found to have antimicrobial properties. Viruses can live for days on plastic while disintegrating when they land on copper surfaces. Here’s something worth noting… According to British microbiologist Bill Keevil, copper can destroy pathogens within minutes. Would you believe that? Further research also shows that heavy metals like silver and gold are antibacterial. 

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Did you know…

Copper has a specific atom structure that makes it more effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Here, we researched tools made with these heavy metals, which are designed to reduce hand contact with the environment – and as a result – your anxiety levels.

These non-touch tools will help you open doors, elevators, faucets, will help you touch ATM keypads, and much more!

Safe and easy for every member of your family or organization.

Here are the deets you’re curious to know – let’s touch base!

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1 - Best High Quality No Touch Tool - Editor’s Choice Award

No Touch Door Opener Tool

Editors Choice - Bugoutbill.com
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Bottom Line: This Non-Touch Door Opener Tool received the Editor’s Choice Award for its durability, excellent grip, and affordability. This tool comes in different colors with three extra stylus replacement tips - and makes a thoughtful gift.




Small in dimensions –  but a great sturdy no-contact tool for everyone…

If you want to avoid touching car doors, door handles, fridge handles, elevator buttons, public keypads, car dashboards, tablets, cellphone, and more, then our Editors Choice tool is for you!

Not only that…

Since the item is individually sealed – there’s an extra level of efficiency and reassurance from unwanted hand contact.

The price works perfectly well for three pieces – low enough for you to afford and share with someone.

You can put it on a wrist key ring or keychains inside your purse or pocket – very convenient and easy to use for everyday carry.


You might find a few of the stylus tips that fall off easily – my tip would be to put some superglue when the stylus wears out or if you’re about to replace the tip.

Also, the stylus didn’t function with all my touch screen devices – for instance – surfaces that require capacitive sensing like the parking ticket dispensers.

It is still a great way to avoid contact with something that thousands of people might have touched with their hands.


Even though the angle of the hook works smoothly and doesn’t slide out, be careful and avoid large-sized door handles to prevent the tool from getting stuck or breaking.

The metal ring could be slightly flimsy, but you can replace it with a more stable and durable metal.

Overall, it’s lightweight, made with high-quality metal that will not rust or crack, and a great sturdy tool to avoid touching handles and touch screens and signature pads.

This way, preventing the transmission of any germs and viruses. 

Don’t forget to sanitize it and, of course, your hand.

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2 - Best Budget No Touch Tool - Best Value Award

Handy Non-Touch Door Opener, Heavy-duty Reusable Stylus Keychain Tool

Best Value - Bugoutbill.com
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Bottom Line: This hands-free tool comes in four colors (black, gold, rose, silver) with a replacement stylus if the embedded one wears off. The hooks are thicker and bigger and can be used for most doors.




As the Best Value Award for four pieces, this device is absolutely a great choice and handy when you go to stores, banks, and everywhere.

Use it to open doors, enter your credit card pin, punch alarm codes at work, open packages, and slot playing in casinos.

Plus, the stylus is ridiculously good – signing signatures in stores is easy!


You can share this with your friends, family, and relatives to use for new and safer ways to do things.

You might want to note a few – the stylus could fall off easily, just like the Editor’s Choice Award, but you can use superglue to stick the ends and replacement rubber tips intended if the stylus wears off.

Even though it’s thicker and comes with bigger hooks, there are other doors – bigger ones that are not easy to hook. 

Thus, avoid using it on bigger doors to prevent it from breaking, or you can find similar items applicable for larger door handles.

A quick reminder: Sanitize the tool before and after use – for double safety.

Overall, this hands-free tool is easy and accessible to use, plus indeed a great value for four pieces. 

The brass material coating the tools would reduce the risk of virus. According to studies, the virus dies within hours on copper content materials which is quite fascinating and safe at the same time.

3 - Best Multifunctional No Touch Tool - Top Pick Award

No Touch Door Opener Tool Kit

Top Pick - Bugoutbill.com
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Bottom Line: This tool ensures safety and cleanliness to the max - with a bottle opener and stylus pen for practical people. And there are enough in the pack to share with your team or family.




Continue to avoid direct contact with doors, pressing the elevator button and toilet buttons, or even opening a drawer.

In Covid times or not, this will come in handy anytime and anywhere.

You can purchase this as a great gift for coworkers or office friends.

Or you can put one in each different area of your house, cars, or office.


Take note of a few things because, like in the Editor’s Choice Award and Best Value Award – this tool won’t be applicable to use on super heavy doors, and the stylus rubber tip can fall off.

But given that you get twelve (12) tools, it’s very affordable, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

The quantity is sufficient, and you can even replace the tip if it wears out. You’ll get another 12 black tips for replacement.

Overall, this tool is lightweight, and the pros far outweigh the cons.

4 - Best Portable No Touch Tool

10Pack No-Touch Door Opener Tool

Bottom Line: This portable and easy to use tool comes with ten pieces of hands-free door opener, including a keyring attached to the belt loop, backpack, keychain, and bag. Go ahead and easily avoid contact with public and high trafficked surfaces.




Keep in good health and minimize contact with the public using this everyday carry tool with key chains.

Compared to the Best Value Award – this tool is slightly thinner and smaller in terms of dimensions. But, the finger hole is similar to the size of the Editor’s Choice Award.

The cool thing about this tool is that it comes with a bottle opener similar to the Top Pick Award.

Overall, this tool is a great choice to help you in social distancing. Use this in ATMs, gas stations, store payments, toilets, elevator buttons, door handles, locker, and touch screens.

5 - Best Design No Touch Tool

2 Sets No Touch Door Opener

Bottom Line: This hands-free device is a great buy for everyday use of ATMs, press buttons to elevators, touch screens, and other public surfaces. Its great value is exemplary for 12 pieces of this handy door opener.




Another tool to open doors that will reduce hand contact by a country mile.

The price is quite close to the Top Pick Award and comes in 12 pieces for opening doors, including keyring attached in belt loop, backpack or bag, and button tapping.

Quick reminder: Do not touch the contaminated surface after using the tool.

If you encounter something other than what is stated in the product description – contact customer service immediately, and they will assist you.

6 - Best No Touch Tool For Gift

No Touch Door Opener Tool with Keychain

Bottom Line: You can choose from a variety of colors - black, silver, rose gold, and white. Versatile enough to use this wherever you are and whatever you do.




Your health comes first, and no compromise.

Compared to the other tools, this has much wider cootie keys or hygiene hooks. It’ll prevent the spread of germs on surfaces that may keep the virus in door handles, drawers, ATMs, elevator buttons, and more!

It also has a keying loop and bottle opener like the Top Pick Award. If you want to open a soda can, no sweat at all – the bottle opener will do the work.


You can push and pull using this like other tools in the previous sections. No gloves, no more.

Overall, this is a nice and great choice to give to your friends, family, and colleagues. The hooks are wide enough to open commercial handles in banks, malls, and grocery stores without touch.

7 - Best Unique Style No Touch Tool

No Touch Door Opener Tool Kit

Bottom Line: This is made with rustproof zinc alloy for antimicrobial properties and everyday carry use, including the retractable lanyard that you can easily pull wherever you are.




Keep your hands clean with the help of this tool.

If you think your hands are clean and germ free – don’t be so sure.

This hands-free item includes a bottle opener and rubber tip or black touch point made from silica gel that makes it work on touch screens, keypads, and phones, along with a thicker and bigger hook designed to fit your fingers.

Not only that…

You can easily attach the tool in your belt loop, then open the door handle and button tapping in your daily life. Plus, the retractable lanyard is amazing to use.

If you want to make a germ-free going and out of your establishments, try using one now.

8 - Best No Touch Tool For Elevator

Joycube No Touch Door Opener Tool with Stylus

Bottom Line: Joycube's hands-free tool will help anyone - put it in your pocket, purse, or keys. You can never go wrong with the hook that comes in handy in opening and closing any commercial handles and preventing the spread of germs and viruses.




Like the previous tools, the Joycube’s door opener serves its purpose anytime and anywhere.

You can also open the door handle without touching it by hand, and the hole fits right to your finger as comfortably as it may seem.

Not only that…

Press elevator buttons, ATM keys, and other public surfaces. It’ll help you in social distancing. 

It’s super easy to carry a tool no matter where or whenever you need it.

Plus, this is a great choice to gift someone like healthcare workers, family, or friends. It’s made with brass for its antimicrobial properties and rustproof zinc alloy.

However, you’ll find that the black tip falls off after several uses. Don’t worry because this tool comes with a replaceable tip or DIY to prevent it from falling – use super glue before attaching the tip.

Reminder: This tool can be clean with a cloth, soap, water, and hand sanitizer.

9 - Best Durable No Touch Tool

Bottom Line: Like other tools, this hands-free tool will help to prevent germs from spreading over you and others. It’s lightweight, comfortable in anyone’s hands, and comes with a bottle opener.




Like any tool,  this comes in handy in preventing the spread of germs. It’ll be a nice gift, especially for dog lovers because its shape is a dog – see photo.

You can clean this after using it by washing or spraying alcohol – just to make sure that bacteria and viruses get killed.


You must take note of a few things – the stylus falls off easily after several uses, the hook barely holds most of the handles, and it doesn’t come with a key ring.

But these are minor headaches…

For instance, if the stylus wears off, you can use superglue when replacing the black tip.

Then, if the hook isn’t compatible with the door handle – don’t force it to prevent the tool from breaking.

Overall, this is an affordable, comfortable, sturdy, lightweight everyday carry tool when there’s a global pandemic or not.

10 - Best Fashion Gadget No Touch Tool

2 Pack No touch Door Opener, Non-contact Keychain Tool

Bottom Line: This tool is light, comfortable, and easy for everyday carry. Throw aside your gloves because it has an amazing hook design for door knobs and stylus rubber tips for touch screens.




Last but not the least, Okaymart offers a hands-free tool for your ease and convenience – this multipurpose tool can be your all-time partner in opening doors, elevators, faucets, lights, touching ATMs, mobile phones, and more!


It’s an amazing giveaway and a gift to your family, co-workers, and even healthcare workers – for all professions and ages.

But, you might experience a few problems where the stylus rubber tip falls after several amazing uses, the hook might not apply for round doorknobs, and the stylus won’t work on various screens.

Overall, durability and affordability are what you’re looking for as a multipurpose hands-free tool.

Why Trust Us

Here in Bugoutbill.com, observations and testing are a must to supply the readers with the information needed at the moment.

We have amazing professionals who focus on the design and structure of an object like durability, versatility, and affordability based on its features.

And to have successful testing, all items were used by random people and gathered their thoughts after a certain time.

So, there’s an assurance that every word written here is from trials and tests supplied randomly and well-thought arrangements carried out by our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Do no touch tools work?

A - Yes, non-touch tools work depending on what design you purchase on the market. For example, some tools come with a bottle opener while others don’t.

Question 2: Do germ keys work?

A - LAccording to studies, keys made from solid brass with high copper content have been discovered to have antimicrobial properties. So, the copper in the brass removes any germs and viruses left on surfaces or things after touching it by hand. Thus, if the keys were made of solid brass of high copper content, then germ keys would work.

Question 3: What is a no-touch door opener?

A - It’s more like an additional hand or finger. Use it when opening doors, elevators, faucets, flushing, turning on and off lights, tapping ATMs, and more. This way, an individual could avoid virus transmission and prevent hand contact to public surfaces.

Our Analysis. Comparisons & Test Results

Best No Touch Tools - Bugoutbill.com
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Our Final Verdict: Best No Touch Tools

We are in our final verdict. Here, you’ll see that the three highest hands-free tools are the Editor’s Choice Award, Best Value Award, and Top Pick Award.

In terms of durability, versatility, and affordability, these three dominated the rest.

As you can also see, the other tools have similar marks out of 100. For the reason that their pros and cons overlap with each other.

For instance, their black stylus tip falls off easily, and some of them won’t work with bigger doorknobs. But, there are others where the pros outweigh the cons.

Overall, these tools are great and awesome gifts. They are viral on the market for their antimicrobial benefits. You can opt for one of these in your future purchase.

Best No Touch Tools Rating

Non-Touch Door Opener Tool


Handy Non-Touch Door Opener, Heavy-Duty Reusable Stylus Keychain Tool


Non Touch Door Opener Tool Kit


10Pack No-Touch Door Opener Tool


2 Sets No Touch Door Opener


No Touch Door Opener Tool with Keychain


No Touch Door Opener Tool Kit


Joycube No Touch Door Opener Tool with Stylus


No Touch Door Opener


2 Pack No touch Door Opener, Non-contact Keychain Tool



Best No Touch Tools - Bugoutbill.com
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So, what are your thoughts?

We’ve given you enough information to make a sound decision on the non-touch tools for your everyday carry.

Do you prefer the Editor’s Choice Award over the Best Value Award over the Top Pick Award?


Has one of our other tools caught your attention – from the 2 Sets, 10 Pack, or 12 Pack Non-Touch Tools, or one that includes a key ring?

Now, it’s your turn to make your choice – which will grip you?

Let’s know your thoughts on social media – join us at BugoutBill.com

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